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Three Big Reasons Why
Luke Skywalker Must Die

By Kat
Staff Writer

July 7, 2009

As the Star Wars novels advance deeper into the Legacy of the Force Era--and farther away from the events of Star Wars: A New Hope--a big change is in order. Luke Skywalker must die. Here are three big reasons why.

It's hard to forget about the publicity surrounding Chewbacca's death in the premiere book the New Jedi Order, Vector Prime. Publications like the Washington Post and The Guardian featured stories about the beloved Wookiee's demise. Fans were angry. Fans were sad. But fans bought copies of the book anyway, making Vector Prime, along with several other New Jedi Order novels, New York Times bestsellers.

Luke Skywalker's death would be an even bigger deal since he is arguably one of the most important Star Wars characters of all time. You can bet your blasters that Luke's death would get at least twice as much attention as Chewbacca's death.

Luke Skywalker
Luke Skywalker is one of the most influencial characters in Star Wars history
Like it or not, Luke Skywalker is becoming an old mentor just like Obi-Wan Kenobi and Yoda were before him. His days as a brash, young Tatooine farmboy are becoming a distant memory. Now, Luke is a self proclaimed Jedi Grand Master in his 60s. His mentor Obi-Wan Kenobi was only in his late 50s when he died.

Mentors and loved ones die in Star Wars. That's just how the galaxy functions. Obi-Wan's mentor Qui-Gon Jinn dies. Anakin's mom dies. Anakin's wife Padme dies young. Both Luke's uncle and aunt die. Both of Luke's mentors Obi-Wan Kenobi and Yoda die. Luke's father dies. Mentors and loved ones need to die in Star Wars in order for the surviving characters fulfill their destiny. Death is as much a part of Star Wars as lightsabers and spaceships are.

Keep in mind Luke already appears as a Force ghost to some of his descendants in the Legacy comic series. Who's to say he wouldn't be able to advise other characters, like his son Ben, after he is dead? Even more important, there's boundless potential for more Luke Skywalker stories in previous eras. One of the nice things about the Star Wars galaxy is it's pretty easy for writers to jump around in time--there are plenty of untold stories from every Star Wars era. A good example of the potential 2008 novel, Luke Skywalker and the Shadows of Mindor. Penned by Matthew Stover--and set five years after A New Hope--the book became a bestseller. The possibilities for more Luke stories are almost endless.


It wouldn't be too surprising if Luke Skywalker's death is in fact on the horizon. The current Star Wars book series is ominously titled Fate of the Jedi after all. We will just have to see where the series takes us.

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