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Star Wars Interviews
George Lucas created Star Wars...they helped make it great.

These are the stories of cast and crew members, authors and artists, fans and collectors, and even a few innocent bystanders, who have helped make Star Wars the lovable, enduring, space fantasy that it is today. New interviews are added on a weekly basis, so check back often!

Stephane Faucourt (author of From Meccano to Trilogo: Star Wars Vintage Action Figures)
Robert Eiba (Event Coordinator for JEDI-CON, a Star Wars convention in Germany)


August 30, 2010
Writing From Meccano to Trilogo: An Interview with Star Wars fan and author Stephane Faucourt

August 19, 2010

"Where's that Yoda Guy?"
: An Interview with Yoda Creator Nick Maley

August 15, 2010

Inking The Force in the Flesh: An Interview with Author and Tattoo Enthusiast Shane Turgeon

August 10, 2010
The Man Who Shot Luke Skywalker: An Interview with Star Wars Toy Photographer Kim Simmons

August 5, 2010
Elvis Has Left the Death Star: An Interview with Ken the Elvis Trooper of the 501st Legion

August 3, 2010
Seeing Stars: An Interview with Coolwaters Productions President Derek Maki

July 28, 2010
Making Wookiee Cookies and Darth Malts: An Interview with Star Wars Cookbook photographer Frankie Frankeny

July 26, 2010
Creating Star Wars Subway Car: An Interview with Improv Everywhere Founder Charlie Todd

July 24, 2010
Lightsaber Combat 101: An Interview with PA Jedi Member Sinh Taylor

July 22, 2010
Dark Lord of the Sky: An Interview with Darth Vader Balloon Creator Benoit Lambert

July 20, 2010

Growing Up Jawa: An Interview with Star Wars Jawa Actor Frazer Diamond

July 18, 2010

The Strange Case of Origami Yoda: An Interview with Star Wars Author Tom Angleberger

July 16, 2010
The Clothes Make the Jedi: An Interview with Star Wars Costumer Maggie

July 13, 2010

Folding a Galaxy: An Interview with Star Wars Origami Artist Chris Alexander

July 11, 2010

"It's like Hoth out here": An Interview with Star Wars Weather Guy Tom Scott

July 7, 2010
Speaking Up: An Interview with Star Wars Voice Actor Denny Delk

July 1, 2010
A Sluggish Project: An Interview with Jabba Sculptor John Coppinger

June 24, 2010
One Piece at a Time: An Interview with Droid Builder Jerry Greene


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