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Star Wars: Wanderer of Worlds


Author:   John Dunivant
Released:   Fall 1996
Published In:   Star Wars Galaxy Magazine #9

Full Plot Summary:
The main character, Daushoroc, opens the story by characterizing Tatooine as a desolate wasteland. He and his partner Tamoss are Eirrauc traders who search the Out Rim planets looking for objects that may interest their wealthy buyers. Their latest venture has brought them to Tatooine.

The pair arrive at Tatooine in search of the ship Athallian Messenger, which according to legend, had crashed in the wasteland and became buried in sand from the sand storms. All previous searchers had either given up or disappeared somewhere in the desert.

During their journey, Daushoroc and Tamoss encounter a group of seven Tusken Raiders. It is a tense moment. The traders offer the group water. In return, the Tusken Raider elder points to the distant mountains, indicating that this is where the Athallian Messenger is located.

Daushoroc reflects upon the similarity between his race, the Eirrauc and the Tusken Raiders. He says, "We only want to be left alone. We will fade back into the shadows if we can, but will fight if we must."

The story contains no dialogue and is told in first person point of view from the perspective of Daushoroc. "Wanderer of Worlds" is John Dunivant's only piece of Star Wars fiction.


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