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Star Wars: Judge's Call


Author:   Timothy Zahn
Released:   February 2004
Published In:   Del Rey's Website

Full Plot Summary:
Mara sighs. Luke Skywalker had just finished attending to the thirtieth complaint of the day. She is trying not to become annoyed. She feels like the entire planet is lining up to get advice from her husband the Jedi about their problems.

She resents both the people for taking so much of Luke's time and she even resents her husband a little for selflessly offering to give up his time. But she also knows he is genuinely helping people, in some cases making decisions about decade long conflicts. The people hold Jedi in high regard and whenever he makes a judgment, both parties honor it, albeit sometimes grudgingly.

Luke is told he has an urgent request from the Second Agricultural Coordinator name Kei Ras Cirali. Cirali asks Luke to immediately come to the Karrish Mountain retreat to discuss a problem.

Luke agrees to go and airspeed transportation to the mountain is arranged. Cirali meets and welcomes both Luke and Mara. To Mara's annoyance, Cirali refers to her as the "blushing bride." He then asks Skywalker, "[W]hat does one do where there seems to be no time for the important things of life?" The statement gets Mara's attention, since both Mara and Luke were struggling with juggling their many responsibilities. There never seemed to be enough time.

Luke responds that there is time and, "The trick is to recognize the need, and to create the necessary time." Cirali approves of the statement and leads Luke and Mara into a consulting room. He stays behind.

When Mara enters the room, she is taken aback to scent of flowers, by the sound of some of her favorite music playing in the background, and the spectacular view of mountains and rivers outside a large window.

Mara quickly realizes that Luke had orchestrated the entire Cirali summons just so that the two could take a small break from their busy schedules and have a second honeymoon. Luke asks her to never let him forget that she needs him to herself sometimes. She says she won't and then playfully tells him that he will be in big trouble if he ever calls her a blushing bride.

Timothy Zahn's "Star Wars: Judge's Call" was released as a free online short story on Del Rey's website for Valentine's Day in 2004.


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