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Star Wars: Double Cross on Ord Mantell


Author:   Michael Mikaelian
Illustrator:   Shawn Martinbrough
Released:   Fall 1995
Published In:   Star Wars Galaxy Magazine #5
or Hyperspace

Full Plot Summary:
A black Corellian transport ship lands in a hanger bay on Ord Mantell. A Nalrithian named Cypher Bos, a notorious bounty hunter, descends from the ship. The locals keep their distance when he walks by.

His reason for coming to Ord Mantell is to find a Chadra-Fan named Baajik. Baajik is a double agent for the Rebels or the Hutts, but he is currently working for the Rebels. A robed and hooded figure watches Cypher and evades a group of stormtroopers by hiding in a dark alley. He carries stolen information regarding an Imperial credits shipment. The Rebels are planning to steal the credits build a secret base on Hoth.

The figure is more concerned about Cypher Bos than he is about the stormtroopers. He knows Cypher is looking to make some credits by turning Rebel spies over to the Empire.

The mysterious figure enters the Drunken Bantha and sees Cypher talking to Baajik in a dark corner. The figure's hood drops and reveals that he is also a Nalrithian. He is Cypher's brother--his name is Phoedris Bos. Nalrithians are able create a mental link with their siblings that allows them to think and act as one being, a capability with the range of twenty meters. Phoedris has successfully suppressed the mental link for twenty mintues. But the shock of realizing that his fellow agent Baajik is selling Phoedris out disrupts his concentration.

Phoedris flees the scene, knowing that Cypher undoubtedly felt his mental outburst. He resists the urge to run because he knows the stormtrooper patrol is nearby.

As he heads toward the Rebel hideout, a blaster bolt strikes Phoedris' shoulder and Cypher wrestles his brother to the ground. Through their mental link, Cypher informs Phoedris of his plan to replace him without the Rebels knowing. Phoedris dies. Cypher puts on Phoedris' cloak. The mental link had given him Phoedris' thoughts, memories and skills--qualities that he plans to exploit in order to single-handedly destroy the Rebellion.

He enters the Rebel base and tells two Rebels about the credits shipment, so as not to raise any alarm. Baajik enters the base moments later. Sensing that the Nalrithian is not Phoedris, Baajik draws his blaster but Cypher shoots him first. Baajik's dying words are "Cypher Bos..." The Nalrithian dismisses the remark, saying that Baajik must have had him confused with his brother the bounty hunter.


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