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Star Wars Secrets of Tatooine (Star Wars Roleplaying Game)


Authors:   J.D. Wiker
First Edition:   Paperback (May 1, 2001)
Length:   96 pages
Language:   English
Publisher:   Wizards of the Coast

Publisher's Summary:
Tatooine is as merciless as its never-ending deserts. Fringers and settlers struggle to survive. Crime lords build vast empires. Criminals and bounty hunters conspire in dimly lit cantinas. Yet despite all its dangers, heroes still travel to Tatooine for adventure and excitement...and a little bit of profit along the way. Just watch your step--this place can get a little dangerous.

On Tatooine, Your Heroes Can:
• Confront Tatooine's denizens from throughout its history, from The Phantom Menace to The New Jedi Order.
• Survive a crime lord's schemes in Between Sand and Sky, an adventure filled with deceit and treachery.
• Haggle with Jawas, flee hordes of Tusken Raiders, pilot skiffs, and bull's-eye womp rats.
• Explore wretched hives of scum and villany, including Jabba's Palace, Chalmun's cantina, and Lady Valarian's Lucky Despot
• Build Podracers, fly them with our complete Podracing rules, and challenge eighteen competitors from the Boonta Eve Classic

  Star Wars Secrets of Tatooine
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