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Star Wars Platt's Starport Guide (Star Wars Roleplaying Game)


Author:   Peter Schweighofer
First Edition:   Paperback (February 1995)
Length:   160 pages
Language:   English
Publisher:   West End Games

Publisher's Summary:
Want to see the galaxy? Don't join the Imperial Navy! Just follow smuggler extraordinaire Platt Okeefe as she takes you on a vagabond's tour of seven starports:

• Gelgelar Free Port, a backwater haven
• Byblos, a world dominated by incredible city towers
• Omze's Incredible Traveling Starport, a wandering trading ship
• Darknon Station, an ancient deep-space station by the Itani Nebula
• Kala'uun, a city on Ryloth, the Twi'lek homeworld Kuat, home of the famous Kuat Drive Yards stardocks
• Port Haven, a secret smugglers' outpost

Platt's Starport Guide is for use with Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game. Each starport contains maps and diagrams, detailed port information and is filled with character profiles and adventure ideas. Includes a summary of Imperial spacefaring regulations

Platt's Starport Guide is your ticket to the wonders of the galaxy!

  Star Wars Platt's Starport Guide
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