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Star Wars Planets of the Galaxy Vol. 1 (Star Wars Roleplaying)

Authors:   Grant Boucher, Julie Boucher, Bill Smith
First Edition:   Paperback (December 1991)
Length:   80 pages
Language:   English
Publisher:   West End Games

Publisher's Summary:
Hurling through the darkness of the void are the planets of the Star Wars galaxy. While the Galactic Civil War rages on, there are new worlds to explore, profits to be made, allies to be discovered, enemies to be voided. The adventure awaits.

Planets of the Galaxy: Volume One introduces gamemasters and players to some of the most exciting and unusual worlds of the Star Wars galaxy. Explore the space lanes, and battle the Void Demon pirate gang of Isen IV, or earn a living smuggling the amazing Garnib Crystals sculpted by the free-spirited Balinaka people. Carry the torch of freedom to Imperial worlds like Celanon, one of the greatest trade planets in all of the Empire. Match wits with the crafty and dangerous Sonori, who huddle in huge subterranean cities, while their world is pelted by an endless stream of meteroites and asteroids. An entire galaxy of adventure awaits brave Rebels and shrewd free traders!

  Star Wars Planets of the Galaxy Vol. 1 Roleplaying
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