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Star Wars Light and Dark (Clone Wars Volume 4)


Writer:   John Ostrander
Penciller:   Jan Duursema
Series:   Volume 4 of Clone Wars
First Edition:   Paperback (June 9, 2004)
Length:   112 pages
Language:   English
Publisher:   Dark Horse Comics
Collects:   Star Wars: Republic #54 and 63, Star Wars: Jedi: Aayla Secura, and Star Wars: Jedi: Dooku.

Publisher's Summary:
The Jedi are taught to use the Force for good; to avail themselves only to the light side. But the dark side can be a dangerous temptation to even the strongest Jedi, as Aayla Secura learns when she battles former Jedi-in-training Aurra Sing, and Quinlan Vos discovers when he crosses swords with a true master of the dark, Count Dooku.

Set against the backdrop of the Clone Wars, this novel-length adventure is filled with espionage, betrayal, and amazing lightsaber battles. It all begins with a dangerous undercover assignment that leads to...well, we dare not reveal the shocking ending! A story that is sure to have Star Wars fans talking?and wondering whether the fate of the Jedi lies in the light, or the dark?

  Star Wars Light and Dark
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