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Star Wars Dark Nest III: The Swarm War

Author:   Troy Denning
Series:   Book 3 of Dark Nest trilogy
First Edition:   Paperback (December 27, 2005)
Length:   352 pages
Language:   English
Publisher:   Del Rey

Publisher's Summary:
In the explosive conclusion to the Dark Nest trilogy, Luke Skywalker summon the heroes of the New Jedi Order from near and far, as the Star Wars galaxy teeters on the edge of eternal war. Yet even the combined powers of the formidable Jedi may not be enough to vanquish the deadly perils confronting them.

The Chiss-Killik border war is threatening to engulf the entire galaxy and raising the awful specter of Killiks sweeping across space to absorb all living creatures into a single hive mind. The only hope for peace lies with the Jedi - and only if they can not only end the bloodshed between two fierce enemies but also combat the insidious evil spread by the elusive Dark Nest and its unseen queen.

Leia's newly acquired Jedi skills will be put to the ultimate test in the coming life-and-death battle. As for Luke, he will have to prove, in a lightning display of Force strength and swordplay, that he is - beyond a shadow of a doubt - the greatest Jedi Master in the galaxy.

  Star Wars Dark Nest III The Swarm War
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