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Jedi vs. Sith: Why Yoda and the Emperor Should Leave Their Lightsabers at Home

By Kat
Staff Writer

June 7 , 2009

Since the release of the Original Trilogy, many fans have wondered how Yoda or the Emperor would look in lightsaber combat. The Prequel Trilogy intended to 'wow' audiences with an answer. Not only are both Yoda and the Emperor shown dueling, but in Revenge of the Sith both characters are shown dueling with each other.

Both the Emperor and Yoda look awkward when they duel. Yoda's height disadvantage necessitates that he jump above and around his taller opponent. The Jedi Master essentially ends up bouncing around the like a ball; a silly looking sight. The Emperor's frail stature means that he duels in a hunched over, grandpa-like "GET OFF MY LAWN!" kind of way. Seeing both Yoda and the Emperor dueling together only increases the awkwardness that each possesses as an individual.

Yoda duels the Emperor
Yoda duels the Emperor
When Yoda and the Emperor are fighting, the most impressive moments occur when they are not dueling with lightsabers. The moments involving the utilization of Force lightning or hurling of large objects--these are the true moments that reinforce their supreme knowledge of the Force as well as their all around power.

Thinking back to the Original Trilogy, one of the most badass qualities about Yoda and the Emperor was the fact that neither of them possessed or wielded a lightsaber. Both characters appear deceptively old and decrepit, while in reality they rank among the most powerful Force users in the galaxy. Yoda demonstrates his mastery of the Force by lifting an X-Wing with his mind and likewise the Emperor proves his skill by nearly killing Luke Skywalker with Force lightning.

Yes, using a lightsaber is impressive in the case most Jedi and Sith, including: Darth Maul, Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi and others. But being so powerful in the Force that you don't even need a lightsaber? Now that's priceless.

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