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Where to Buy Star Wars Books

By Kat
Staff Writer

Whether you’ve spent a little or a lot of time exploring you’ve probably already discovered how, well, expansive the Star Wars Expanded Universe is. Hundreds of Star Wars related books have been published since the 1970s--novels, kids books, behind the scenes books, biographies, unofficial books...the list goes on. But where exactly can you find those out of print or harder to find Star Wars books?

Buying Star Wars Books Online
It’s the age of the Internet, kiddies. Everything (and I do mean everything) is online these days, including almost all of the Star Wars books. My two favorite places to buy books online are and

Both websites are especially great resources for those elusive out of print Star Wars books. Chances are, your local bookstore isn’t carrying Jedi Apprentice #4: The Mark of the Crown anymore. One of’s independent retailers will probably be selling, it though, either new or used. Same thing goes for Both sites usually have very similar, sometimes exactly the same, prices on their used items.

If you’re looking to buy multiple books at a time, eBay might be a good option for you. On eBay you’ll likely find listings like “Lot of 26 Star Wars Books.” Buying multiple books at a time can potentially help you save money, particularly on shipping costs since your books will be grouped into one shipment.

Buying Star Wars Books from Brick and Mortar Stores
Physical storefronts are a classic, and still viable option for buying Star Wars books (plus no shipping fees). If your local Borders isn’t carrying the Star Wars title that you’re looking for, you might want to explore some your other non-Internet options.

Used Bookstores
Try searching on Google to see if there’s a used bookstore near you. I personally love Half Price Books, a chain of used bookstores with locations around the country (unfortunately the nearest one to me is a seven hour drive). I’ve found out of print books like Making of Return of the Jedi and The Star Wars Sketchbook at a Half Price Books location. Best of all, they were each only a dollar or two.

Thrift stores
Many thrift stores have used book sections. This can be a great way to pick up a book for dirt cheap prices (as low as $0.50 for a paperback book at some locations). The down side is that thrift store book sections often have little to no organization.

Garage Sales
You never know what someone’s getting rid of. I once found several Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace LEGO sets at a garage sale for only a couple bucks. Sweet. I know a LEGO set isn’t the same as a book, but the point is, honestly, you never know what someone’s getting rid of. What do have to lose?

A while back I had my mind set on finding a copy of Making of Return of the Jedi for at least a year. Then, to my delight, I spotted the book sitting on a shelf in a used bookstore. I purchased the book straight away. Good luck--I hope you find what you’re looking for.


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