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Top 10 Chilling Darth Vader Moments

By Kat
Staff Writer

Darth Vader is one of the most memorable and universally recognized villains of all time. presents a list of the Top 10 Chilling Darth Vader Moments.

10. Vader Force-Choking Admiral Motti
When Vader chokes the Admiral Motti in A New Hope, the moment reinforces the fact that he is not only powerful but also very ruthless. All he cares about his himself and he will punish anyone who doubts his power or displeases him, even if the violator is a fellow Imperial.

9. Vader Force-Chocking Captain Antilles
Vader not only chocks the Rebel captain at the beginning of A New Hope, but lifts him up with one hand. The sight of Vader effortlessly lifting the captain and tossing him aside like rag doll is creepy and unsettling.

8. Vader Boarding Princess Leia's Rebel Blockade Runner
This was the audiences' introduction to Darth Vader back in 1977. With a swish of his cape and a dramatic entrance through fog, The Dark Lord makes a lasting first impression.

7. Waiting for Obi-Wan in A New Hope

Vader waits for Obi-Wan with his lightsaber already ignited. This is the first time that we see Vader with the red, glowing weapon. He stands calmly--too calmly--in anticipation of a battle with Obi-Wan.

6. Vader's Funeral pyre
The burning of the suit is a touching moment--the evil shell of Darth Vader finally meets its demise. Anakin/Vader's life had been one filled with sadness and anger. Now he can finally be at peace.

5. "Help me take this mask off."
As Luke peals off Vader's mask, we realize that this is the most helpless that we see Darth Vader. The seemingly unstoppable, menacing figure is reduced to weakness, dependent on his son to help him walk and even take his mask off.

4. Vader Rising in Revenge of the Sith
Vader rising for the first time in his dark shell of a suit completes the transformation of the kind-hearted slave boy into the cold hearted murderer. The occurrence seems like a moment taken straight out of an old horror film--the man has physically become the monster. Anakin's tragic destiny is fulfilled.

3. Young Anakin with Vader Shadow Publicity Image
Though merely a publicity image, the image of young Anakin Skywalker casting a shadow of Darth Vader is one of the most powerful and enduring images of the Dark Lord.

2. Vader's Betrayal of the Emperor
Vader turns from his unarmed son Luke, who is being struck by force lightning to the Emperor who is attacking him. We, the viewer, see Vader's "face." Through his unflinching mask, we the viewer somehow feel his internal conflict between his master and his son.

1. "No, I am your father!"
When Vader reveals that he is Luke's father, it's hard not to feel a chill run down your spine. One of the most quoted and spoofed moments in Star Wars, the "I am your father" line proves to be most dramatic and chilling Vader moment in the entire Star Wars saga.

HONORABLE MENTION: Luke's Failure at the Cave
During Luke's Jedi training on Dagobah, he enters a mysterious cave. Yoda discourages Luke from bringing weapons into the cave, but Luke ignores the advice. Once inside the cave, he encounters and battles a vision of Darth Vader. Luke decapitates the figure only to find that the face behind the mask is his own. Though the Vader in the cave is a mere vision, the experience is very real to both Luke and the audience alike.

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