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Mistaken Identity
A Look at 4 George Lucas' Who Didn't Create Star Wars

By Kat
Staff Writer

September 4, 2009

Everyone knows about George Lucas. He's the multi-billionaire filmmaker who brought the world Star Wars, Indiana Jones and American Graffiti. presents a look at four men, both living and dead, who share the same name as the legendary film director.

1. George Joseph Lucas
George Joseph Lucas is the current Archbishop of Omaha. A Missouri native, Lucas earned a Bachelor's degree in Philosophy from Cardinal Glennon College. After studying theology at Kenrick-Glennon Seminary, Lucas was ordained in 1975. He served as Bishop of Springfield in Illinois from 1999 until he was named the Archbishop of Omaha in June 2009.

2. George Washington Lucas (1845-1921)
George Washington Lucas fought as a Private in the Union Army during the American Civl War. He received a Medal of Honor in 1864 after he, according to the citation, had "Pursued and killed Confederate Brig. Gen. George M. Holt, Arkansas Militia, capturing his arms and horse."

3. George Lucas Hartsuff (1830-1874)
George Lucas Hartsuff served in the Union Army during the American Civil War, earning the rank of Major General in 1863. A West Point graduate, Lucas became wounded while fighting the Seminole Indians in Florida. The wound ultimately caused his death in 1874.

4. George Lucas Coser (1984-)
George Lucas Coser, who also goes by George Lucas, is a Brazilian soccer player who started playing professionally in 2002. When he signed with the Celta Vigo team in 2006, the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) reported on the decision with the headline, "Celta use the force of George Lucas." Lucas currently serves as a right defender on Santos, a soccer team in Brazil.

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