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"Every time I opened the eyes, and Jabba 'woke up' to stare at me, it made me jump. I guess that was when I knew we'd managed to bring the strange old bandit to life!"

-- John Coppinger (Jabba Sculptor) Interview, Jul. 2010

Haley Joel Osment as Luke Skywalker January 9, 2011 ARTICLES
Recasting Star Wars
Imagine George Lucas was rebooting Star Wars in 2011 and you were the casting director. Who would you cast as Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, and Han Solo? It's a tough decision, but here are my picks for a new (hypothetical) Star Wars cast.

Jedi Junkies Star Wars fan documentary September 23, 2010 INTERVIEWS
Uncovering Jedi Junkies: An Interview with Director Mark Edlitz
Jedi Junkies, a film by Mark Edlitz, showcases the stories of extreme Star Wars fans. Fans featured in the film include a woman who dresses up as Slave Leia, a club the choreographs real lightsaber battles and even a guy who built a Millennium Falcon in his backyard.

From Meccano to Trilogo Faucourt August 30, 2010 INTERVIEWS
Writing From Meccano to Trilogo: An Interview with author Stephane Faucourt
A Star Wars fan since 1978,Stephane Faucourt noticed there was very little information available about the European Star Wars action figure lines. He decided to write his own book.

Where's That Yoda Guy? August 19, 2010 INTERVIEWS
"Where's that Yoda Guy?": An Interview with Yoda Creator Nick Maley
Star Wars make-up artist Nick Maley may have stuck warts on Greedo, designed the mynock, and assembled the Wampa ice creature, but he is most remembered for his role in the creation of Yoda.

The Force in the Flesh August 15, 2010 INTERVIEWS
Inking The Force in the Flesh: An Interview with author Shane Turgeon
Star Wars fan and tattoo enthusiast Shane Turgeon combined his two hobbies to create the coffee table book The Force in the Flesh.

Darth Vader action figure August 10, 2010 INTERVIEWS
The Man Who Shot Luke Skywalker: An Interview with Star Wars Toy
Photographer Kim Simmons

Kim Simmons may have shot Luke Skywalker, but he didn't use something as clumsy or random as a blaster. He used an elegant weapon for a more civilized age: his camera.

Ken the Elvis Trooper August 5, 2010 INTERVIEWS
Elvis Has Left the Death Star: An Interview with Star Wars Fan Ken the Elvis Trooper
Whenever Ken the Elvis Trooper shows up at a Star Wars convention, people tend to do a double take. Yes, he is dressed as Elvis Presley and yes he is also wearing stormtrooper armor.

Coolwaters Productions logo August 3, 2010 INTERVIEWS
Seeing Stars: An Interview with Coolwaters Productions President Derek Maki
Derek Maki, President of Coolwaters Productions, started his public relations company by coordinating appearances for two Star Wars actors: Billy Dee Williams (Lando Calrissian) and Warwick Davis (Wicket the Ewok).

Star Wars Cookbook Leia Danish July 28, 2010 INTERVIEWS
Making Wookiee Cookies and Darth Malts:
An Interview with Star Wars Cookbook Photographer Frankie Frankeny

Photographer Frankie Frankeny talks about her role in the creation of Star Wars Cookbook: Wookiee Cookies, Star Wars Cookbook II Darth Malts, and the Star Wars Party Book.

Star Wars Subway Car July 26, 2010 INTERVIEWS
Creating Star Wars Subway Car:
An Interview with Improv Everywhere Founder Charlie Todd

Star Wars Subway Car, a prank planned and executed by the comedy group Improv Everywhere, is quickly establishing itself as one of the group's most popular gags to date. Only two weeks after its release, the video has already garnered over three million views on YouTube.

PA Jedi lightsaber choreography club July 24, 2010 INTERVIEWS
Lightsaber Combat 101: An Interview with PA Jedi club member Sinh Taylor
Star Wars fan Sinh Taylor is an events coordinator for PA Jedi, a non-profit lightsaber choreography club based in Pennsylvania. The group practices and performs prearranged sets of moves for audiences around the East Coast.

Darth Vader Hot Air Balloon July 22, 2010 INTERVIEWS
Dark Lord of the Sky: An Interview with Darth Vader Balloon Creator Benoit Lambert
The Darth Vader hot balloon may look like a Photoshopped figment of a Star Wars fan's imagination, but he is very real. After getting approval from Lucasfilm, the Darth Vader hot air balloon was officially lauched in 2007.

Growing Up Jawa An Interview with Frazer Diamond July 20, 2010 INTERVIEWS
Growing Up Jawa: An Interview with Star Wars Jawa Actor Frazer Diamond
In the mid-1970s, seven-year-old Frazer Diamond lived every Star Wars fan's dream: he got to hang around the Star Wars set. Diamand talks about his role as a Jawa in Star Wars: A New Hope, describes life on the set of Star Wars and discusses the development of his popular UK animation website

The Strange Case of Origami Yoda by Tom Angelberger July 18, 2010 INTERVIEWS
The Strange Case of Origami Yoda: An Interview with the Author Tom Angleberger
The Strange Case of Origami Yoda, a young adult novel by Tom Angelberger, hit bookshelves in March 2010 and quickly garnered rave reviews from critics and readers alike. Tom Angelberger talks Star Wars, Yoda, origami and middle school in today's interview.

Star Wars Costuming The Padawan's Guide July 16, 2010 INTERVIEWS
The Clothes Make the Jedi: An Interview with Star Wars Costumer
and Padawan's Guide Creator Maggie

Star Wars costumer and The Padawan's Guide founder Maggie stitched her first Star Wars costume in 1999, started putting her Star Wars costuming tips online in 2000, and ever since has developed the site into a leading Star Wars costuming resource.

Star Wars Origami Chris Alexander July 13, 2010 INTERVIEWS
Folding a Galaxy: An Interview with Star Wars Origami Artist Chris Alexander
Star Wars origami artist Chris Alexander has created over 40 Star Wars origami designs, taught Star Wars origami classes at conventions, and overseen the creation of a life size origami Jabba the Hutt. So how did he get started and what lies ahead?

Tom Scott Tatooine July 11, 2010 INTERVIEWS
"It's like Hoth out here": An Interview with Star Wars Weather Guy Tom Scott
Tom Scott is the creator of a popular Star Wars weather website. Just plug in your city and find out if you're having weather like Hoth, Endor, or one of seven other planets. How did Scott, admittedly a non-Star Wars fan, decide to make the site?

Denny Delk July 7, 2010 INTERVIEWS
Speaking Up: An Interview with Star Wars Voice Actor Denny Delk
A Lucasfilm veteran, voice actor Denny Delk has worked on The Empire Strikes Back, the Ewoks animated series, and nearly a dozen Star Wars video games.

Jabba the Hutt in progress July 1, 2010 INTERVIEWS
A Sluggish Project: An Interview with Jabba Sculptor John Coppinger
Sculptor John Coppinger helped bring Jabba the Hutt to life in Return of the Jedi, but it wasn't easy. Among the largest puppets attempted at the time, the Jabba project often proved to be a creative challenge.

R2-R9 June 24, 2010 INTERVIEWS
One Piece at a Time: An Interview with Droid Maker Jerry Greene
Star Wars fans around the world know and love the astromech droid R2-D2. Fan Jerry Greene took his passion for Star Wars and affinity for droids one step further--he decided to build his own.

  April 29 , 2010 ARTICLES
Top 7 Most Inappropriate Uses of Star Wars Quotes
Whether you've watched the Star Wars films dozens of times or only once, chances are you know a Star Wars quotation or two. Here are the top seven most inappropriate uses of Star Wars quotations in real life.

  January 12, 2010 ARTICLES
Fear and Anger: 3 Deaths That Shaped Anakin Skywalker's Destiny
Here's a look at three of the most meaningful deaths to Anakin and how they not only changed his own life, but ultimately sealed the fate of the galaxy as well.

  October 8, 2009 ARTICLES
How to Travel to a Star Wars Convention
Attending a Star Wars convention is a fun and exciting exploration of Star Wars fandom. provides step-by-step recommendations to help you convert your dreams of going to a Star Wars convention into a reality.

Darth Vader September 25, 2009 ARTICLES
Top 10 Chilling Darth Vader Moments
Darth Vader is one of the most memorable and universally recognized villains of all time. counts down the Top 10 Chilling Darth Vader Moments.

chance cube September 1, 2009 ARTICLES
Where do I start and what do I read?: 7 Tips About the Expanded Universe
With hundreds of Star Wars novels, comics and young adult novels in print it can be a daunting task to know where to begin. Here are some tips.

Luke Leia Kissing August 6, 2009 ARTICLES
Top 10 Star Wars Controversies
Hotly contested oversights, additions and mysteries are all represented as counts down the Top 10 Star Wars Controversies.

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